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Sally, Journalist

Treatment: Teosyal filler for nose to mouth lines

As a journalist, being cynical is as natural as breathing - cynicism is, after all, part of our training!

So when Christine Springer told me that I could literally wipe years off my face in only 10 minutes, I was pretty sceptical.

But 10 minutes was, indeed, all I needed for Christine to erase deep grooves on my brow and around my eyes caused by the unholy trinity of too much sunshine, late nights and smoking.

I'm ashamed to admit I'm a bit of a ‘scaredy cat’ - and have a well-developed needle phobia - but Christine's calm and professional manner, honed by more than 20 years in the business, immediately put me at ease. And, to be honest, getting my eyebrows plucked hurt more than having botox injected into my face.

In fact, I was so impressed by how quickly the wrinkle-busting treatment worked that a few weeks later I enlisted Christine's help in getting rid of the pronounced lines that run from my nose to the outer corner of my mouth (nasolabial folds, if you want to know their technical name). Again, I was forced to put aside my cynicism, because the results were instant - and very, very impressive.

Visiting Christine is certainly the best 10 minutes I've spent this week. Her professionalism and warmth immediately put me at ease and I'd wager there are not many people around who have been in the game as long or as successfully as she has. If you want to feel better about yourself then give Christine a call; if it can turn a cynic like me into a convert, then imagine what it can do for you!


Treatment: Dermal filler for nose to mouth lines

Maggi aged 39 is a personal trainer.

She said: "Since having my nose to mouth lines filled everyone comments on how much softer I’m looking. The treatment is fabulous and I will have it again when I feel it’s needed. Thank you for restoring my confidence and cheering me up."

Dermal filler for nose to mouth lines

Dermal filler for nose to mouth lines


Treatment: The Half hour face lift

Terri - age 49, hotel owner from Cornwall said: "I can understand why you call this treatment 'the half hour face lift' It literally took less than half an hour! When I got back my partner was amazed at what you achieved. Thank you Christine I feel so much more confident now and it was well worth the drive up."


Treatment: Wrinkle relaxing injections.

Mike - age 29, said "I love my new look and as a hairdresser I get many comments from clients about how much fresher I look! My wrinkles have gone completely!"

David Hicks Chairman of Wigmore Medical - Suppliers of medical aesthetic products

"Christine Springer from Brunel Medical...........the consumate professional"

Mr Don Chantarasak FRCS Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon

"I can recommend Christine Springer - Director of Brunel Medical wholeheartedly for non surgical cosmetic treatments as not only is she very experienced but offers a very professional service with careful counselling, high standard treatments and good aftercare and support."

Sandra Sheals from Lifestyle Aesthetics, suppliers of Teosyal dermal fillers and Therederm skin treatments.

" I have known Christine Springer as a practitioner for over 20 years now. She is an inspiration to other practitioners not only due to her vast experience in the clinical field of aesthetics but also due to the caring environment she provides for her patients. Christine has won acclaimed awards in her field. As a supplier, from time to time we get patient enquiries and we never have any hesitation in recommending Brunel Medical as a clinic of choice as we are assured patients will get the best possible advice, treatment and care.

Christine is well known amongst fellow practitioners in the UK and many seek out her advice if required"


Hi Chris, just to let you know -  People tell me that i look really well which is just the look I want! Just to say also I'm really pleased with my recent botox treatment. Will be in touch soon. Jill x


Treatment: dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing injections.

Hi Christine, Hope you're well. Just a quick email to say you are a genius - you have lifted my eyes exactly how I wanted them! I was thinking of surgery but now realise that just a few injections can make the world of difference. You are a star,I will be looking for you to do this again no doubt. The filler in my lips has also made a huge difference- I am so pleased , thank you very much.


'Before I met Chris I had some truly awful experiences. My confidence was below zero! I had lots of lines around my mouth and hated people looking at me when I talked. I had treatment at two other clinics with dermal filler injections but apart from being very expensive and terribly painful there was hardly any difference at all! I was very dissapointed and upset to think I may have to stick with these awful wrinkles until I decided to call a friend and confide in her about what I had been going through. She told me about Chris. I have not looked back. There was no pain and an immedicate improvement with the natural look that I wanted. My confidence has rocketed! My advice to anyone would be go to someone like Chris who has years of experience '

Jane  (Hairdresser)

Dear Christine

I just wanted to take time to write you a little thank you letter.  I am so happy with my results of the btx, it has really boosted my self esteem.  Ive had people commenting on how well I look.  My whole experience with you was great - you were so honest and didnt try to sell me things.  Very professional and scrupulously clean environment.  Im saving to have my lips done next  - I cant wait!  See you soon, Jane.

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