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Skin rejuvenation products

Here in the clinic Christine can offer a personalized skincare solution.

Christine is a great believer in Alpha Hydroxy Acids having used them herself for 30 years.

A study was done by the American Academy of Dermatology whereby skin was studied and analyzed after the AHA had been applied every day for 6 months to a patients’ forearm.

They found that the skin was 25% plumper and because of this, the veins were less conspicuous and the pigmentation was less apparent.

CONCLUSION: Treatment with AHAs produced significant reversal of epidermal and dermal photoaging.

There are many AHAs to choose from – they are derived mainly from fruit and plants therefore there are no man made chemicals in the products.

The uses of AHAs include the treatment of dry skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea and sensitive skin, hyperkeratinization, wrinkles and photoaging with a high tolerance and good safety profile.

Brunel Medical can offer you products for almost any skin type. Once you have been using the products and your skin is acclimatized to AHAs you can have a wonderful facial whereby you will have microdermabrasion followed by a mild peel of salicylic acid. There is very little ‘downtime’and the next day your skin will be glowing.

Our product of choice is ‘glo skin beauty’ formally known as ‘glo minerals’

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