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List of Terminologies

There are so many beauty and cosmetic treatments available we feel it can be very confusing . We decided it would be a good idea to list some treatments to and explain the terminology behind them.

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections.

These cosmetic injections are widely popular for reducing fine lines and wrinkles usually used for the upper part of the face. They act on the muscles - preventing movement thereby giving the skin a smoother softer look.

Dermal fillers

Has no action on muscle movement, purely to lift the skin to fill out lines and wrinkles and to lift and reshape.

Skin Resurfacing

This can be done in a variety of ways, laser, dermabrasion, skin peels and recently microneeedling.


Removal of eyebags and loose skin

Breast Augmentation

Changes to the breast - enlargement

Lip augmentation

Lip enhancement


Surgical face lift


Tummy Tuck


Ear pinning


Nose reshaping


Varicose Vein removal


Thread vein removal (very often referred to Sclerotherapy


Bristish Association of plastic surgeons


British Association of cosmetic surgeons

IPL Intense pulse light (sometimes referred to as laser)

For hair removal and skin rejuvenation

Fat transfer

Fat removed and injected for lines and wrinkles, not generally very successful

Semi Permanent Make up

Non removable make up. A pigment is used just under the skin similar to tatooing

Meso therapy

Hyaluronic acid globules injected under the skin to hydrate


Non animal stabilized hyaluronic acid

Medical Microneedling

Non surgical treatment for wrinkles, scarring, acne/chicken pox scarring, enlarged pores........see our page on this treatment.

Infection Prevention Society (IPS) British Association of Sclerotherapists