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Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement treatment

Brunel Medicals' before and after photos of lip enhancement

Over time the sun, the elements, smoking and the aging process take their toll on the lips. Vertical wrinkles or Smoker's Lines begin to appear, causing your lipstick line to bleed, the corners of the mouth begin to droop and the lips appear to 'deflate' and lose their youthful fullness.

Lip Enhancement is a simple technique which takes only a few minutes to perform. Aging lips can be rejuvenated and less full lips can be plumped. Depending on your personal choice, any one of the injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers mentioned can be used. You can have the treatment to upper or lower - or both lips can be treated. The choice is yours.


Please be aware that if clinics are offering 'cut price' treatments there is usually a catch! It has come to my notice that some practitioners are opening a pre filled syringe of filler and using half on a client then the syringe is recapped and the remaining contents used later on another client. This practise is dangerous as once the cap is removed from the syringe the product is then unsterile - meaning certain clients are having an unsterile product injected into them and this of course can result in infection and possibly the end result - scarring.


Lip Enhancement treatment

Brunel Medicals' before and after photos of lip enhancement

Most of our clients want just a 'softer' more youthful look. Christine our practitioner will only enhance lips to look natural! Unfortunately over the years there has been some very bad press about lip enhancement. The famous actress who had a major problem with this had silicone injected which is a permanent product and as such can only be removed surgically.

Here at Brunel Medical we only use H/A's (hyaluronic acid) mentioned on our 'dermal filler' page which has an excellent safety record and dissolves over time.

Teosyal Kiss is designed specifically for lips. The product gently disolves over a 6-12 month period. We do not recommend products that last longer as over time ones face changes and what is appropriate for you now may not be in a couple of years time.

The whole procedure is quick and easy - producing stunning effects! A local anaesthetic is used to make the procedure

Lip Enhancement treatment

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