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Dermal Fillers


Most of the commonly used dermal filler products are made from Hyaluronic Acid (H/As) and have been used for many years and have an excellent safety record. Christine does not recommend any other product other than hyaluronic acid based filler as the product can be reversed therefore you can relax in the knowledge that you are having a non permanant, safe product which is obviously worry free.

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural, major component of our skin. Its hydrating, lubricating properties make the face look smooth and well defined. These qualities deteriorate with age, the upper and lower cheeks become sunken, wrinkles appear, and the face loses its shape, affecting the overall harmony.

H/A based dermal fillers work effectively to reshape the contours of your face. Immediately deep and fine lines are minimized, volume and plumpness is regained, lips are redefined and plumper and the skin is rehydrated deep down. What could only be done by surgery in the past, now a similar look can be achieved in some cases by using fillers to lift (sometimes called cheek lift). Christine is very adamant that she wont 'change' your looks but soften and make one look more refreshed and healthy.

After a personalised consultation and diagnosis Christine will propose the most suitable treatment and product for you.

As with all dermal fillers, the effects are instant and treatments usually take only 10 – 20 minutes. The injections are made using a pre-filled sterile syringe equipped with a very fine needle. Apart from the H/A which is contained in the syringe, there is also lidocaine added which is a local anaesthetic therefore the old injections of yesteryear can be forgotten and your treatment will be much more comfortable than that of years ago. A topical anaesthetic is also applied 30 - 40 minutes before treatment begins.

You normally will be able to resume your normal professional and family life immediately afterwards.

TEOSYAL is our filler of choice. The outstanding effects can last for approximately one year.

We do not recommend permanent or semi-permanent fillers (see news page) as ones face changes over time and what is the correct level of correction today may not be in one or two years' time.

Teosyal won the 'injectable product of the year' award in 2008. Brunel Medical have been using this product since it was first introduced into this country from Geneva in 2005 and have performed thousands of successful treatments.


All photos are the clinics own photos

Aaron before and after naso labial filler


 Teosyal Global Action Filler. Smokers lines and scarring pre filler and then immediately after treatment

Kieron before treatment with Teosyal and Kieron after treatment (redness disappears after about 24hrs) 


Two days later Kieron is delighted with her new look and the confidence it has given her.

Half – hour facelift in your lunch hour

A new medical procedure dubbed the half-hour facelift has been launched by Christine Springer, Director of Brunel Medical. The procedure involves no use of knives or any surgical procedures, but instead uses a combination of wrinkle relaxers and Teosyal dermal fillers.

Brunel Medical has already dramatically transformed a number of women’s faces in trials of this technique, which takes around half an hour.

Christine Springer is a qualified nurse and has 30 years experience of performing cosmetic medical procedures. She says of the half hour face-lift:

“Many women believe they need to go under the knife to lift their face and get rid of wrinkles. I would always urge anyone to look at the half hour face lift I perform first. The look they get with this procedure is not permanent – it lasts around a year. But they get incredible results without the down-time and the same risk.”

Anyone who is considering a half hour face lift would first need an in-depth consultation with Christine Springer, who would assess whether they are suitable and carry out a medical questionnaire. If they are considered suitable for the procedure, they would book a further appointment for the treatments to be carried out.

Christine always administers an anaesthetic cream to numb the face before the procedure is carried out. When the cream has taken effect Christine performs a series of injections around the nose to mouth areas and by lifting the cheeks. This is done with hyalauronic acid (Christines choice is to use ‘Teosyal’) sometimes the treatment is complemented by lip enhancement using Teosyal ‘Kiss’

Finally frown lines are removed with wrinkle relaxers. All this takes approximately half an hour.

The half hour face-lift is an affordable alternative to going under the knife, without the level of risk.

Research has disovered that 9/10 patients would prefer to have their next injection with the teosyal pen vs. manual injections.

We are pleased to announce that Brunel Medical has now a new revolutionary device. Its called the 'teosyal pen' It's the first, cordless motorised hyaluronic acid injection system to be invented. The injections of fillers are much more gentle therefore less pain is felt , less bleeding and ultimately less recovery time. If you have been considering fillers but are nervous about the treatment being uncomfortable this device is for you! It is a regulated health product bearing the CE mark.


Infection Prevention Society (IPS) British Association of Sclerotherapists